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The Montessori Children’s Academy
Chatham, Morristown, Short Hills

Our Mission

The Montessori Children’s Academy (MCA) is committed to inspiring and motivating young children to learn by providing the finest Montessori educational experience. Using traditional Montessori methods, we provide a developmentally challenging, yet appropriate learning environment that engages children’s natural curiosity and helps them to develop a lifelong love of learning. We respect, nurture, and expand the academic, social, and emotional gifts of each student while preserving the true spirit and purpose of childhood.

Our History

The Montessori Children’s Academy opened the doors of its first campus to 45 students in September of 1999. Demand quickly necessitated the addition of more classes, including an Elementary Program in 2002. The need for more space brought the opening of the Chatham Campus in 2003 and MCA expanded again to meet the growing needs of the Short Hills community in 2007 and Morristown in 2010. At present, The Montessori Children’s Academy serves more than 450 families and offers programs for toddlers through early elementary. The demands of today’s world make a Montessori education more important than ever, and The Montessori Children’s Academy plans to continue to grow to meet them.

Our Commitment to Montessori Traditions

When you look through the windows of The Montessori Children’s Academy classrooms, you immediately sense that something is different. Whether in small groups or alone, children are engaged and enthusiastic about their “work” – the term Dr. Montessori used to describe the activities that await students on the classroom shelves. Their concentration is evident as they practice controlling their movements while carrying work to a table or a rug. They are intent upon completing tasks and they do so with interest and enjoyment. It is clear that, in a childlike way, they have appreciation for the materials available to them and respect for each other, their teachers, and their school environment.

The Prepared Environment

One of the hallmarks of Montessori is its carefully prepared, beautiful, organized environment filled with an abundance of the highest quality Montessori materials. At The Montessori Children’s Academy, this environment is where children explore, problem solve, and learn by using these unique and increasingly complex materials and through interacting with their peers.

Learning Experiences

Every aspect of Montessori is designed to provide a learning opportunity. Lessons are carefully designed to guide children to materials that will build academic readiness, skills, and proficiency. Independent and group learning activities in a multi-age classroom develop social awareness and maturity. Taking turns, helping others, and caring for the classroom and pets foster responsibility and respect for self and friends. Respect is a core value in a Montessori classroom, and it is evident in the close relationships children form at The Montessori Children’s Academy between one another and their teachers.

Teacher Qualifications

The success of the Montessori Method requires that teachers possess the training and ability to guide each individual child to the specific learning experiences that he or she is ready for and to provide lessons that will instruct and inspire. In addition to an undergraduate degree, all Head Teachers at MCA have their Montessori certification, and many have other certifications, as well. Every teacher is also required to continue his or her education through teacher training workshops, continuing education programs, professional development seminars, and Montessori conferences throughout the year.

Responsibility & Community

From our toddlers to our elementary students and from our most experienced teachers to our parents – the Montessori philosophy seeks to promote amongst all a strong sense of community and the importance of respect, tolerance, and responsibility for ourselves, one another, and our world. At The Montessori Children’s Academy, children, teachers, parents and staff all work together to create classroom communities where we share our successes, work through problems, and help each other to be the best that we can be. By nurturing children in such an environment, Dr. Montessori hoped to inspire children to make a difference in the greater world, and at MCA, we are committed to making that happen.

Who We Are

The Montessori Children’s Academy family of schools was conceived with the specific intent to be the most complete option for exceptional Montessori education in the communities we serve. This goal is evident in every measurable aspect of the educational experience, which includes:

  • Adhering to the time-proven educational methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori and enhanced by contemporary, 21st Century technology and nuances
  • Employing highly-qualified, Montessori Certified, caring teachers who are committed to the individual development of each child
  • Providing flexible program options for all ages
  • Offering a full, challenging curriculum for 2½-year olds through Upper Elementary students
  • Maintaining three beautiful and conveniently located campuses, each with carefully prepared classrooms abundantly equipped with age appropriate Montessori materials, making them the perfect settings for learning
  • Providing convenient on-site enrichment programs at each campus for children, parents, and the community through a partnership with LEAF Approach to Enrichments
  • Making available Occupational and Speech/Language Therapies for those children needing extra support through MCA for Creative Learning
  • Initiating a premier Montessori teacher education program through its subsidiary school, Montessori Center for Teacher Development (MCTD), one of only three programs in New Jersey that hold full affiliate status by the American Montessori Society (AMS), and accredited status by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). The goal of MCTD is to promote the continued excellence of Montessori education at MCA, and throughout the industry
  • Extending your child’s Montessori experience into his or her Elementary years in The Montessori Children’s Academy Elementary Program
  • Remaining the optimal choice for your investment in your child’s future as compared with other area Early Childhood and Private Elementary programs. Speak with us before you make a final selection, so we can work with you to develop a plan that will meet your needs.