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Considering Summer Camp

Students everywhere are already feeling the itch that begins as summertime nears. Parents, too, anticipate this time of year, and can sense the change in the air and in the attitude of their children. For some, summer is a respite, a breath of fresh air, a welcome change from the scheduling demands of the school year. For others, it is a time to worry about how to keep the kids occupied and how to balance not having a school schedule when the demands of a continuing parent work schedule still must be followed.

Whether or not parents’ career schedules continue as usual during the summer, there are some great reasons to consider signing your child up for camp during the summer, even for just a week or two. In addition to providing working parents with a child care alternative, summer camp provides kids with fun and beneficial experiences.  Here are just a few reasons parents might consider summer camp for their children this summer:

  1. Camp provides continued structure for a child’s day. Just as with school, summer camps adhere to a regular daily schedule. Arrival and dismissal times are set, and while activities may vary, generally, summer camps have a predictable routine for their campers to follow. Children thrive on routines and most feel a sense of calm when they know what to expect on any given day, from arrival rituals to snack time, organized activity to free play opportunities, lunch to water fun, children often do best when their day is set up in a predictable pattern.
  2. Children have the opportunity to make new friends and learn from new adult leaders. Even if your child attends a camp affiliated with his or her school, there will likely be new faces among the campers as well as the staff. While sometimes a transition to a new teacher or caregiver can make some children apprehensive, children who participate in summer camp or other out-of-school activities learn to adapt to social situations with new people when given these opportunities. They may form bonds that continue even when summer and camp are over, and they will have grown in their ability to interact with others.
  3. Your child will undoubtedly learn something new while at camp. Camps are set up to offer experiences that are different from what children are used to doing in school and at home; therefore, camp provides children with the opportunity to try something that might be out of their comfort zone, and who knows, even find a new passion. At the same time, as children try new things and discover new interests, their self-esteem grows, and they gain confidence when faced with something unfamiliar.
  4. Summer camp can reduce the effects of ‘summer slump’. The American Camp Association has enlisted educational and psychology experts to research the many benefits of camp. They report that educationally speaking, “Camp is a natural extension of the classroom. Research indicates that by participating in strategically planned, structured summer experiences, children reduce summer learning loss. Camp challenges children, keeps them engaged, develops creativity and their talents, and expands their horizons” (acacamps.org).
  5. Camp can be cost-effective. When parents work full-time, camp may be the most cost-effective solution for child care during the summer months. Especially today, there is a wide variety of camps from which to choose in most communities.  From township camps to church camps, school camps to sleep-away camps, there are options for every budget, scheduling need, age, and interest. Local parenting magazines and newspapers often feature a special camp issue in the spring as parents begin to plan for the summer months. Some camps even provide financial assistance if there is a need.  Given the wealth of choices, there is sure to be a camping opportunity to suit most families’ needs.
  6. Camp is fun! No doubt about it, camp is fun for everyone. With an entire day devoted to active, creative, and leisure pursuits, children can enjoy their summer vacation by doing a laundry list of fun things. Even if families do not need to use camp as a childcare solution during the summer, they might want to consider enrolling their children in even just one week of camp to experience some of the benefits of this summertime rite of passage. And did you know? There are even camps out there for adults, so as you consider signing up your child for a fun week at camp, you might find the perfect fun camp experience for yourself, too!

The Montessori Children’s Academy (MCA) offers summer camp experiences for MCA enrolled students, ages 3 through 8th grade. For more information, please contact your Campus Director.